Vanishing Fast Food Truck Register [Compatible with Patch 1.29]

After some experimentation, and with Sandy's help (again, many thanks!), I was able to successfully transform Late Night's Fast Food Truck into a functioning cash register. This, in combination with the optional xml mod bellow, allows us to have a register that serves only a certain type of food (for instance, Mexican or Asian food), while the regular food registers are free to continue serving all the regular options. Thanks also to Buzzler for adding the food truck to his VanishingObjects script mod: now we can place several invisible truck registers in the restaurants.

Bigger pic here.

Placement example in my game: After some experimentation I've discovered that hungry sims tended to hog my one fast food register, so I placed four more. I've made them vanishable, so they are invisible in live mode.


1. The animations work, but sims don't face the register when ordering/buying.

2. This object requires Buzzler's VanishingObject Scripts mod, which allows us to make it invisible.

3. It needs granthes' omsp for placement. Also, positioning is tricky: using an island counter for reference try to place the food truck register as near the edge of the counter as possible.

4. I've reduced the chance of getting the greasy moodlet, since I think restaurant food should be better than fast food truck food.

5. I'm a very inexperienced modder, so if you have any problems with it, I might not be able to solve them.

NOTE: This object is still in testing, so remember to backup your files before installing this custom content!

Download Vanishing Fast Food Truck Register: Mediafire.

Themed Food Options: 
The following xml mods are optional, in case you want to create themed restaurants.
(Thanks to Daniel and Sandy for the inspiration!)

Mexican Food
(The Fast Food Truck and Fast Food Truck Register will only serve Burritos, Nachos and Tacos.)


Asian Food
(The Fast Food Truck and Fast Food Truck Register will only serve Cheese Plate, Dim Sum, Egg Rolls, Stir-Fry and Sushi.)

VERY IMPORTANT: You can only have ONE of the following files in your game. CHOOSE the one you prefer.

NOTE: This xml mod is still in testing, so remember to backup your files before installing this custom content!

Download Fast Food Truck Mexican Food Option: Mediafire.
Download Fast Food Truck Asian Food Option: Mediafire.



  1. OMG, OMG, OMG, ll', you're too awesome!!
    That's purely GREAT!!!!!!
    Thank you a billion of times for sharing these treasures!!!

  2. ll', you're amazing! Thanks for sharing. I think I'll test out the Asian foods one first, I've been wanting to have a Chinese restaurant in my game for AGES.