Wilde Legacy - Chapter 01

Marina and Theodore Wilde have just moved to Portdale after buying the cheapest apartment they could find. It was cozy but in dire need of renovation.

As any young adult couple as soon as they settled in they needed to test their new furniture. The bed seemed resilient enough. (Apparently they were also testing each other. A message appeared while they were woohooing: Marina thought Theodore was okay.)

After an exhausting day, all they wanted to do was sleep.

Theo, however, had to get up at the crack of dawn in order to catch his flight to Shang Simla, China.

The trip was a calculated risk on their part. Theo arrived in Shang Simla with only a little over 100 simoleons on his household account. He was hoping to earn enough money to pay for the journey and get started on the much needed apartment renovations.

The chinese tombs were... interesting. At first, Theo wasn't sure if he should take off his shoes. It turned out that wasn't necessary. All he had to do was stand on the tiny platform.

Jeez, just when he thought he got the hang of it, he found out he needed to clear a rubble pile to gain access to the platform. Exhausting work, but it allowed him to gain access to the next room.

Turns out he wished it hadn't. BUGS!!! It wasn't manly to squeal, but then again, there was no one around and there were BUGS climbing all over him.

After the bugs incident he needed a measure of success. He was elated to discover he had the right keystone!

His next adventure took him into the Dragon's Maw. Kinda scary during the night, but Theo was determined to unravel its secrets.

Then again any unraveling to be done would have to wait. Solving chinese enigmas required a sharp mind and Theo could barely stand on his feet. He had just enough energy to place the tent he had carried all day and he was off into the dreamland.