Wilde Legacy - Chapter 02

Some of the locals were a little... strange.

Theo successfuly completed his adventure and gained visa level 1.

With an hour left before his flight home, Theo decided not to waste his opportunity to skinny dip in China. He figured it was something to boast about back home.

He was trying to put away his adventuring clothes, but the dresser had other ideas and Theo landed on his a... uhum... behind.

Marina had missed Theo like crazy and couldn't wait to give her husband a welcome home kiss.

After some celebratory "we're together again" woohooing, Theo had some errands to run in Chinatown, so Marina headed to "Waylon's Haunt." The dive bar had a lot of instruments on stage, but no sign of any band. Marina thought no one would mind if she tried out the guitar.

After playing for a while she got thirsty. The bartender, Jase, quickly prepared her something to drink.

Marina didn't know what Jase put in that drink, but it definitely didn't agree with her.

Despite her bout of indegestion, it was time to get to work. Marina had been lucky enough to find a job as a Fan at the Movie Cineplex and she didn't want to be late on her very first day.

Meanwhile, Theo had arrived in Chinatown, where he hoped to find a Relics Vendor who would purchase all the souvenirs he'd brought with him from Shang Simla.

Zhan Su was willing to buy his stuff, but he didn't have a relics cash register. After some pleading and barganing, Theo was able to convince him to change his old consignment register for a new one able to handle relics.

After selling most of his relics, he returned home and decided he needed to send his gems and metals to get cut and smelted.

Marina arrived home shortly after and they cuddled in the sofa, happy to be together despite their worrisome financial situation.

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