Generation 1 Rolls

Theo and Marina Wilde

Couple, Five Children, Music Classical, Job Hopper, 5 Star Celebrity, Runs in the Family (Brave).

 A. 9 (Couple)
 B. 10 (Five Children)
 C. 8 (Standard Career)
           C1. 10 (Music Classical)
 D. 20 (Job Hopper)
           D1. 15 (Non-Standar Career)
           D1A. 9 (Adventurer)
           D2. 8 (Standard Career)
           D2A. 3 (Criminal)
           D3. 3 (Standard Career)
           D3A. 4 (Culinary)
           D4. 8 (Standard Career)
           D4A. 6 (Law Enforcement Forensics)
           D5. 5 (Standard Career)
           D5A. 5 (Journalism)
           D6. 12 (Non-Standard Career)
           D6A. 3 (FisherSim)
           D7.  7 (Standard Career)
           D7A. 8 (Education)
           D8. 4 (Standard Career)
           D8A. 1 (Business)
           D9. 13 (Non-Standard Career)
           D9A. 2 (Farmer/Nectar Maker)
           D10. 15 (Ambitions Job)
           D10A. 1 (Architect)
 E. 9 (5 Star Celebrity)
 F. 3 (Runs in the Family: Brave)


I focused a lot more on the story than the challenge per se. I played a lot in saved games for the story, so it doesn't really match what happened in the legacy challenge real save. For instance, Ryder spent his teen years mostly doing nothing but studying mixology, doing homework and going to school. Yawn, yawn, boring... I did manage to have him chat with Layla and Scarlet, so he's a two star celebrity. I'll have to earn the rest to complete generation 1 five-star celebrity roll. All the kids have the brave trait, so that's taken care of.
Marina kept being demoted from her job because I was playing with her somewhere else, Theo was also demoted a couple of times before I noticed a mod I installed was preventing him from entering the criminal rabbithole. He did okay after that, he's just started in the law enforcement career, as a snitch. My biggest cheat was age, I think. I kept suspending their aging while I played with other families, so they've earned more money than they should have. I'm thinking of having Ryder start fresh, with little or no money, to compensate for that. Cheats and consequent epic fail aside, I had a lot of fun with generation one and I'll try to do better for generation two.

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