Outtakes #001

After a comment from ani, I wanted to see if sims always age with the same facial characteristics. This post is the result of my experimentations. From what I could see, it appears they do, which means my strange high chin/showing teeth through skin problem (from when Steph aged originally) must have been a glitch, since I couldn't replicate it exactly.

First I aged Steph, the sim I had a problem with. She looks normal.

Looks the same after aging on a different saved game.

   I aged her a third time, and gave her the same hair she has in my current legacy save.

And here she is in my current legacy save, after I modified her chin.


   I also aged her sisters. Here's Sarah in the first saved file, which produced an interesting result at first. (This doesn't look like the problem I had with Steph, btw).

But then I went to age Sierra and when I came back to Sarah she looked normal.

Sarah again, in the second saved file. Again, weird face for a few seconds.

After a few seconds her face was normal.

And here is how Sarah looks in my current legacy file.

Sierra, first saved file.

In the second saved file.

Here is Sierra from the second saved file with the hair she uses in my current legacy file.

Sierra in my current legacy file.

They seemed to have aged with the same facial characteristics every time despite the different game save files. Sierra aged normally all three times. Sarah had the weird face distortions I posted above, but only for a few seconds, then her face reverted to normal. This makes me think that's what happened to Steph, only hers got stuck and had to be fixed.

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  1. Sarah's first ageing, she looks like one of those Ventriloquist dolls, they give me the creeps. But interesting how she was then ok in the next age-up test.