F1 Circuit

These are some very old lots I build right after I bought Fast Lane. 
Anyway, the idea here was to have four F1 (Blue, White, Yellow and Red) teams, with their respective garages, pilots, mechanics, grid girls, etc., along with a Media Center where journalist sims could come to work instead of going to the business center rabbithole. I had plans to create a sports bar in here somewhere but got sidetracked by other projects.

F1 Blue Team Garage

F1 White Team Garage

F1 Red Team Garage

Same pic, showing my usual invisible counters and registers, that pull the employee sims to the lot. 

Uh, just realized that for some reason I don't have any pics of the Yellow Team garage. Oh, well...

F1 Circuit

A few pics of Rhys O'Connor, my Red Team pilot going around the circuit. FYI, he's a celebrity in Portdale. 

Ugh, I hate to see the empty grandstands. Hopefully, someday someone will figure out a way to get functional grandstands with tons of sims cheering. Who knows, maybe it'll be possible in Sims 5 or 6. 

Media Tower Building and Grandstands

Media Center

I placed a Business and Journalism rabbithole rug here, then created a few sims and had them apply for a job as journalists. They all have the Computer Whiz trait so they usually hang around the media center (plenty of computers there) after they're done with their job at the rabbithole.

You can see the rabbithole rug near the sofas. I've since updated it with an invisible rabbithole rug, but these are very old pics. In fact, I just realized that three of the sims in the pic below don't work here anymore. Kevin works at the radio station now, Ray is a bartender and Hunter is currently unemployed.

View from the Media Center

Overview of the F1 Circuit and its lots

A brief explanation of how I used to play this lot: 
(I copied this from my MTS post here, too lazy to type it all again.)

So far I have several lots (pic below): 4 are garages, 1 is the media tower+grandstands, 1 is just grandstands. 3 of the garages lots are currently empty. The 4th lot has 4 team garages (white, blue, yellow, red).

I've placed two Stadium rabbithole rugs and had two rival sims buy out the properties, renaming them F1 White Team and F1 Red Team and created a few teammate sims for each team. Then I used twallan's register mod to assign a few teammate sims to each garage (I've made the registers invisible so they don't look out of place). And finally I made each sim get a Professional Sports job in their team rabbithole (the two owners are the bosses).

So now at 7am the register pulls each sim into his assigned spot in the garage, then from 3pm to 8pm they go into the rabbithole (that's how they get paid). From 8pm until midnight they resume their place at the register, then go home. [This last paragraph is very outdated, it's not possible to do this anymore due to updates in twallan's register mod. But on the other hand, the mod now has the functionality to pay the sims tending the register.]

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