Ryan's Photography Studio

When I bought World Adventures and created Ryan as my first Sims 3 photographer sim, I thought I'd try to create a Photography Studio for him to use. This business is kind of nostalgic for me, since my Sims 2 photographer, Freda, was one of my favorite sims and I spent a lot of time decorating her photo studio back in the day.

Today's client is Angela.

There's a small dressing stall where models and clients can change their clothes for the photo shoot. You can also see Sandy's storage chest which I use in conjunction with ani_'s shop from inventory mod to make the studio more or less functional.

Dark Room

Digital Photography Department

A small nook, kind of a mini gallery, where customers can relax and watch the photos on display.

Angela's photo's. I put some here for display, the rest went into the storage chest so she can buy them from the cash register.

For some reason, my game wouldn't let Ryan work as cashier and sell the photos he took, so he was forced to "hire" Ralph, the now official cashier. It works out because Ryan needs to be out and about in order to take photos to complete his photography collections anyway.

My Sims 2 Photo Studio was located in the SimCorp building, and I wanted to recreate it for Sims 3, so I shamelessly copied the building so I could have it in Portdale.

Lot's Original Architect (Sims 2): Duud
Interior Decorator: ll


  1. Mind me asking were you got the Photography equipment?

  2. I luv, luv, luv your work. Are we able to download any of it? Thank you.

  3. I'm sorry for the late reply. I will not be uploading any of my lots, for various reasons: some of them are lots I downloaded and then decorated and I would have to have the original lot designer's permission to re-upload; I use a lot of custom content and the thought of hunting down all the creators to create a shopping list is too daunting; also, I use Delphy's Sims3Dashboard app to check for conflits wih my objects and renumber the ones that conflict with each other before I merge my packages, which means that even if I uploaded the lot, some of the content would not show up in other people's games even if they had the object in question, because the ids would be different.