Fairview Market

The residents of Fairview, my rural village, decided to revitalize their town's economy with a new farmers' market-slash-street fair. With the addition of performances from up and coming artists in the newly built stage, locals are now turning a profit selling their wares to an increasing number of tourists from other parts of Portdale.

Market Vendors:

Rosa's Homemade Jams

Tamara's Newspaper Booth

Ian's Hot Dogs

James' Toys and Gadgets

Samuel's Paintings Booth

Rasia's Organic Fruits

Nora's Flower Stand

Hank's Vegetables

Carl's Fresh Fish

Sadira's Fortunes

Miles' Relics

Maxine's Ice Cream Cart

Ilona's Spices

Evan's Local Nectar

Austin's Snake Charming

Olivia's Baked Goods

Kaylee's Popcorn Cart

Clark's Dairy Products

Fu Zhi's Chinese Goods

Axel's Pottery

Other Activities

Domino's Table

Bull Riding

Impromptu Street Musical Performances

Stage Performances


  1. It's perfect!! *drool* It'll look even better when Seasons is released. Do you plan on getting it? :)

    And of course, I have a few questions haha.

    1. How did you get the woman behind the newsstand? I can tell it's from Estatica's urban set, but I haven't used it yet. Is it set up to function, or did you fiddle around with it a bit?

    2. How did you get Rosa behind the table without a cash register? Is it hidden somewhere? Is the menu actually a food register?

    Everything is just gorgeous and inspiring. I think the fish stand is my absolute favorite.

  2. Hi cheezy!

    You've read my mind about Seasons, I think the hot dog contest stand and the kissing booth will be perfect for this lot! I can't wait to get it!

    I didn't do anything to the newsstand, I just used move_objects on to place Tamara there.

    As for the other stands, at first they all had invisible counters and registers but my game hated it and it kept crashing, so I was experimenting with the Downtown Role - AnySim Ivy Mod (http://virtualartisan.blogspot.pt/2012/03/downtown-role-anysim-ivy.html) to assign sims for the majority of the stands.
    It doesn't work as well as the registers, the sims keep wandering around the lot, but at least the game doesn't crash so much.