The Four Dragons Restaurant


Another residential business, also a fairly successful one. The bistro rabbithole does it's job and continuously brings sims in for a meal.

Owner: Wu Kim

I had fun giving random sims the asian culture trait with Master Controller just so I could see them eat with chopsticks in this restaurant. : D

Sun Young Kim (Wu's daughter) manages the restaurant's podium-slash-bar

Restaurant's Kitchen

Wu, cooking Egg Rolls.

This shows the invisible objects: fast food registers (which only serve chinese food when I use my asian food mod) and bistro rabbithole.


I wanted a Chinatown alley kind of feel between the lots, but didn't quite manage it.

I like this shot, you can see a bit of my Chinatown Apothecary on the left and The Four Dragons Restaurant on the right. 

Lot Architect: ll
Interior Decorator: ll


  1. Oh my goodness me, this is absolutely amazing - I envy your imagination!!

  2. Awesome. For the alley, just grunge it up a bit.

  3. Thanks Lily! :D

    Daniel, you're so right, that alley definitely needs some grunge in it! Thanks for the tip! :)

  4. Hi - another awesome lot. Can you explain a bit how this works as a residential lot?

  5. Sorry for the delay, I've had a hectic week so I've been neglecting my blog a bit.

    Anyway, for residential businesses you need to place Late Night's Public Room Marker (it's in Buy Debug mode) on the rooms you want to make usable by sims that aren't that lot's residents.

    In my case, I placed them in the restaurant dining room and the public bathrooms areas. I didn't place any in the kitchen, since I want only Wu to be able to use the appliances.

    Usually I also restrict the kitchen door for the other household members, so that they are forced to use the kitchen in their own apartment upstairs.

    The next thing you'll need is the bistro rabbithole rug, that'll usually bring the customers to the lot (it works really well in my two residential restaurants, but not at all in my residential bakery, which really baffles me since it's exactly the same setup).

    I also have in my game a few modified ITUN files that make sims more likely to use the Eat Outside interaction, so that I can see them eat at the restaurant's tables.

    Besides the bistro rug, there's two other methods for sims to get food at the restaurant: the fast food truck register (these serve only asian food, so I prefer to use them for "authenticity") and to have Wu cook the food and then serve it to the guests.

    And that's it, I think.

  6. can you give me the link for download this restaurant? I love your creation..

    I need waitress mod for the sims, my waitress can bring a meal for my sims ^^ thank you