Scarlet Cave


I thought my naughty sims needed to have more adult-like bachelor/bachelorette parties, so I made a new club and created a few scantily clad exotic dancers to add some spice to the place.
And before anyone starts questioning the club's name: no, I'm not daltonic. The club's color scheme was originally going to be red/black, but I changed it midway and decided I liked it more this way. Since I already had the name (and changing it to Magenta Cave sounded weird), I decided to stick with Scarlet Cave for now.

The club's bar. Beau Jackson, the club's owner, is also the main bartender.

I've modified the 1x1 round rug to use the Late Night "dance on table" animations. It doesn't work perfectly, sims still use the "climb into table" animation at table height first, and only then drop down to floor height to dance. You can sort of see the round rug outline in the pic below.

There's a semi-private area where sims can enjoy seeing the dancers up close and personal (in the pic you can see Brandon, one of the dancers, entertaining a couple of lucky ladies using the dancing rug). 
Reed, another dancer, is hanging out with the bride and her friends in the hot tub.

Sims have to use the firefighters pole to access the platform-slash-stage (it's covered with dancing mats and has four dancing 1x1 round rugs). I've placed counters all around the platform to give it more of a stage feel. 

Pic showing the invisible objects: lights and tvs.

I've decided that from now on, I'll only use the club at night, I really like the way the club's colors look after dark.

Exterior. I'm not happy with it, so I'll probably change it soon.

Lot Architect: ll
Interior Decorator: ll


  1. This club looked great! If you made the rugs yourself, then you could make your own JAZZ file for the dancing, and cut off the part they climb to the table.

  2. Thanks ani! I used TSR Workshop to substitute the table mesh for the 1x1 rug mesh and experimented with the program's Slots --> Container Entries menus to change the height. I wish I could, but I have no idea how to create JAZZ files, that's way too advanced for me.