Oakley's Italian Restaurant and Pizzeria


Owners: Cynthia and Daniel Oakley

Take-out counter and kitchen. Tanya Barnes, the take-out employee, is assigned to an invisible food register, so sims can order food at the counter. Also, I used this plus this mod to place a stove in a community lot so Cynthia (the owner and chef) can cook.

Usable tables.

Unfortunately, EA didn't make the booths usable, but I made an invisible chair and table that I use to create that illusion.

This is the restaurant lot, zoned as a dive bar. It used to be Eugi's bar, but I thought I had enough bars in my town, so I used the lot to create the restaurant.

An overview of the restaurant layout in live mode.
Note: The pizzas in the counter disappear every time I reload the lot (something to do with cleaning food on community lots I believe) so I  have to substitute them when playing this lot. I'm thinking about creating decorative pizzas, but so far I haven't had the patience.

Overview of the restaurant in buy mode, showing the invisible objects, like lamps, registers and rabbithole.

Better view of the invisible registers, I use these to make sure the owners and employee (Tanya) come to the restaurant during business hours. Generally when I'm playing this family, Cynthia cooks and Daniel acts as a maĆ®tre d', he greets the customers and then I use the interaction "bring serving to" to have him deliver the customers the food Cynthia has cooked. When I'm not playing them, and my active sims are the customers, they can get food from the take-out counter (invisible food register) or the "eat outside" interaction in the rabbithole rug.

The rabbithole is an invisible rabbithole bistro rug I created and placed in the lot. It's a 2x1 rug, but I can't place anything in the area marked with the white tiles since it interferes with routing. I've made it invisible using this mod.

I've made the Oakleys the owners of the rabbithole rug, so they can collect the business profits. Bigger picture here.

Map view. Bigger picture here.



  1. Good gracious, Il, I've just discovered your blog, and I'm in awe! (and totally jealous of your game! *lol* This prom party of your latest post is just sublime!)
    Scout mentioned your blog and this specific entry at the Sims Daily forum (http://www.thesimsdaily.net/), where we were discussing about how to cook on community lots, and we were puzzled to discover that the Buzzler's Cook in Community lot didn't exist anymore.
    Can I ask you how you get your pizzeria still running, if the mod is outdated? (and feel free to join us at the TSD forum, it's all new and always ready to welcome new crazy Simmers! ;))

  2. Hi, Sandy, sorry for the late reply. Buzzler's Moar Interactions Mod also has the options to cook in community lots and that's what I'm currently using. You can find it here: http://www.modthesims.info/d/437344

  3. I forgot to add that I also use Buzzler's [url=http://www.modthesims.info/d/450059]Builder Stuff Mod[/url], it allows us to place residential objects in community lots and vice-versa.