Morgana's Internet Cafe


Owner: Morgana Wolff

The gates don't really fit here, but I needed something to prevent the clients from making coffee on their own. I used this mod to make sure only Morgana has access to the "behind the counter" area.

Morgana is a neat freak, but a dishwasher or sink would seem out of place.

An invisible sink solves the problem.

   I wanted this area/space to be more usable, so I placed invisible tvs above the sofas.

This pic shows the invisible objects: tvs, register, sink, chairs.

Second Floor:

The computer/internet part of the internet cafe.


Hot dog stand (it's actually a bbq grill). You can see the invisible counter and food register I placed in order to have Cristopher working here.

When Christopher's household is active, I can direct him to grill hot-dogs. I also placed a storage chest (the red cooler in the pic) behind the hotdog cart, which (thanks to ani's Shop from inventory mod) allows me to sell the food Christopher's household cooks at home.

Outdoor eating area

Lot Architect: Sakura4
Interior Decorator: ll


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