Wilde Legacy - Chapter 04

Theo had never met a celebrity before and he decided to try to impress Rhys with his wealth. He mentioned (as casually as he could) how he had just earned over 2000 simoleons during his trip to Shang Simla. Rhys (who was rumored to have more than a quarter of a million simoleons) listened with condescending patience.

Theo tried to keep the conversation going by exagerating his mastery over the handiness skill. Rhys clearly wasn't buying it. Theo wasn't normally paranoid, but he had to wonder if that repairman had been spreading tales of his dysmal repair attempts around town.

As it turns out, Edgewood's bookstore was the perfect place to meet new people. Theo introduced himself to Louisa Turner and learned that she was a psychiatrist and a writer.

Louisa told him all about her newest bestseller, Raising the Neurotic Family. As far as he knew, the Neurotic trait didn't run in his and Marina's families, but just in case he listened carefully to Louisa's suggestions.

Feeling that Theo could use a male perspective on neurotic parents and children, Louisa introduced him to her husband, Steve.

Steve shared a few funny stories with Theo, then excused himself. He had to check and make sure his daughter was all right.

Another introduction. Markus Anders had seen him talking to Rhys earlier and wanted to know all about it.

There wasn't much to tell, much to Markus disappointment. Theo wanted to know the reason behind Markus interest and was surprised to learn that Markus was a paparazzo. Still, career choices aside, Markus was quite charming and the two of them immediately hit it off.

All that socializing had left him starving. He opted to stop at a diner downtown rather than go home and eat the unapetizing leftovers in his fridge. Marina would be mad if she learned he was spending money eating out, but what she didn't know wouldn't hurt him.

After eating he went to the William's Fitness Gym. He introduced himself to Melinda, the gym's trainer.

Melinda couldn't care less that he didn't have any athletic skill and kept yelling at him to pull harder and harder.

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