Wilde Legacy - Chapter 05

 Nothing like a long, hot shower after a good workout.
Marina called him just as he was leaving the gym. She was tired of being home and wanted to go out.

Theo met with her in front of the Blue Rose nightclub.

   It was clear right away that the Blue Rose wasn't tonight's hotspot. Theo didn't mind. All he cared about was keeping his pregnant wife happy. And Marina certainly seemed to be enjoying herself on the dance floor.

Zach, the bartender decided to show off. Much to Theo's relief, Marina wasn't paying him any attention.

With a grand gesture, Zach finally served them the drinks they ordered.

Theo was eager to try his. After all the malabarisms, this drink promised to be something else.


What's in this thing?

Marina was amused. Her non-alcoolic drink was perfect.

Theo eyed Zach suspiciously when he served the next round.

Fool me once...

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