Wilde Legacy - Chapter 06

The drinks they had ordered were rumored to be somewhat aphrodisiac. Was it his imagination or was Marina giving him a sultry look?

Nope. Apparently Marina was just teasing him.

They decided to call it a night shortly after and headed home.

Again, Theo got up early and packed. He was going back to Shang Simla to see if he could earn enough simoleons to decorate the baby's room.

   It was the same old, same old. Help out the locals...

   ... clear rubble piles to get to treasure chests...

   ...accidentely set himself on fire...
Fortunately there was a dive well nearby, so no harm done.

Theo arrived home to find a stack of unpayed bills. Luckily, his second journey had turned out to be quite profitable (who knew catching those red assassin bugs would result in a 10.000 simoleons reward?).

As before, Marina was thrilled that he was home.

And the baby seemed to be moving now.

Maybe it was the pregnancy hormones, but Marina wanted to go out to eat. It was almost 5 pm, an odd time to go to a restaurant, but Marina wasn't taking no for an answer.


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