Wilde Legacy - Chapter 07

Marina dragged him into a little restaurant/pizzeria across from her workplace. She had been having some unusual cravings throughout her pregnancy (like spaghetti with ice cream) so Theo was a little concerned, but thankfully, she ended up ordering a regular pizza.

Okay, maybe not regular. The pizzas here were to die for!

Uh-oh. Was that...? It looked like it was. All Theo could hope for was that Marina was too distracted by her pizza to notice...

Theo sighed. Mental finger crossing and wishiful thinking didn't work. The damned paparazzi made it impossible for anyone to remain oblivious. Marina was out of her chair before the first flash lighted the room. Scarlet, lead singer of the band Rapaces, was Marina's favorite celebrity.

Despite being a Fan in the musical career, this was the first time Marina saw her up close and personal. Scarlet warmed up to her almost immediately. All Marina had to do was mention that she owned a guitar. Her skill level (3) wasn't that great, but Scarlet didn't seem to mind and told her she would improve quickly if she practiced everyday.

Marina had discovered that almost every female was fascinated with her big, pregnant belly. Scarlet was no exception. Like any other person, the singer wanted to see if she could feel the baby move.

   As soon as Scarlet left, Marina felt what could only be described as excrutiating pain. Then her water broke.

Theo wasted no time finding them a taxi and rushed to the nearest hospital.

   It's a boy!

Marina couldn't get enough of baby Erik. It seemed so unreal that Theo and her had created this tiny, perfect creature. Theo had gone a little overboard buying all sorts of things that the baby wouldn't need for quite a while, but at least they had a decorated nursery.

Finally exhaustion led the new proud parents into a deep sleep in their (also) newly decorated room.

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