Wilde Legacy - Chapter 08

Baby Erik woke up crying at 3 am. Marina had to stumble out of bed to change his diaper and feed him.

He quieted down soon after, so she carefully put him back in his crib, hoping she could go back to sleep for a couple more hours without any interruptions.

   In the morning Theo went to his son's bedroom to say goodbye. He needed to go away again, this time to France.

Like Shang Simla, Champs Les Sims had a board advertising employment opportunities.

But before setting out on a new adventure he needed to buy some supplies from a special merchant. After searching for a while, he finally found him in the local bookstore.

He had an odd sense of dejà vu... Hadn't he done this already?

France's tombs were just as creepy as chinese ones. Luckily there was a big gem to collect and add to his growing inventory.

The first thing Theo did when he got home was take a quick nap, then he went straight to Erik's bedroom. He'd missed his son.

Erik was hungry, so Theo gave him his baby bottle. He felt a sense of wonder and peace, just watching his tiny son in his arms.

Meanwhile Marina was vomiting in the bathroom.

Oh, no. The damned toiled seemed to break every other day. Marina was getting fed up with mopping puddles.

But throwing up had comfirmed her suspicions. Baby Erik wasn't going to be an only child for much longer.


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