Wilde Legacy - Chapter 09

Theo was surprised when Marina annouced that he was going to be a father again.

The next few days passed without incident. Marina took care of household chores...

   ...and Theo, after some nagging from Marina, finally fixed their broken toilet.

They had decided to throw a birthday party for Erik and Theo didn't want their guests to have to go through their bedroom to use the bathroom, so he rearranged the layout.

The first guests arrived and Theo was thrilled to receive them in the newly expanded/decorated living and dining room.

The party started out great. Marina was sharing entertaining stories with Beverly regarding both of their pregnancies and Theo was chating with Louisa Turner, trying to get to know her a little better.

Julian Delaney, Marina's boss, had brought his bass along and was keeping the guests entertained with his excellent playing. Beverly, being heavily pregnant just wanted to sit down and read something.

   It was finally time to blow out the candles for little Erik.

The guest gathered around the table, while Theo waved excidedly in the back.

After blowing out the candles, everyone started grabbing slices of birthday cake. Theo, however, was more of a chocaholic, so he favoured a chocalate brownie over the cake.

Soon after, everyone was served and enjoying their cake slices.

Then chaos ensued and their male guests started waving and shouting in panic.


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  1. I love your decorating style. Very beautiful surroundings.