Wilde Legacy - Chapter 10

Beverly was in labour and everyone was panicking.

Since no one else stepped forward, Theo offered to drive Beverly to the hospital. Alma, who had been detained and was just now arriving for the party, didn't quite know how what to do to help.

Erik must have sensed the commotion on the other room. Luckily Louisa and Steve Turner were there to help Marina calm the fussy baby.

Louisa left Erik with the Turners and returned to her living room to entertain her other guests.

Meanwhile Theo was calling a cab for Beverly and her newborn daughter after they checked out of the hospital.

When he arrived home, every female in attendance wanted to hear the gory details of Beverly's delivery. Theo was happy to oblige.

Marina went to check on Erik. Shouldn't he be a toddler by now? Nope, still a baby.

Some guests really had no manners!

Then Marina's water broke and she went into labour.

Erik chose the worst possible time to turn into a toddler.

With Marina huffing and puffing in pain, Theo quickly picked up his son. They needed to get to a hospital ASAP.

They had to leave their guests behind in their apartment, but there was no time to waste. This party was officially  over.


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