Wilde Legacy - Chapter 11

They returned home with a multiples basket.

Much to their surprise, they were now the parents of triplets. Stephanie, Sierra and Sarah needed their own bedroom, so they once again expanded their home to accomodate their newborn daughters.

With four kids, they quickly realized they needed extra help. Stacey, the new teenage babysitter, wouldn't have been their first choice, but it was all they could get on such short notice.

Theo returned to Champ Les Sims to complete his assignment. He was determined to earn enough money to put his adventuring days behind him and focus on spending time with his family.

He returned home and was eager to spend some time with his kids. He tried to teach Erik how to talk, but the toddler was too sleepy to be able to concentrate for long.

Stacy wouldn't be winning any babysitting awards any time soon. She just stood there while Sarah wailed in hunger. Theo rushed to give his daughter her baby bottle and stop the crying before she woke up her sisters.

Having returned home with lots of fragments of relics he wasn't able to sell to Zhan Su, he had no choice but to try to sell them in the black market. He had heard that these abandoned warehouses were the place to go if he needed help with some less than legal activities.

Theo's plan to spend more time with his family backfired. He had started his new occupation after the triplets were born and the people he was working with weren't the kind that were inclined to give him any time off to spend with his kids. With Theo working, all Marina had left to help her was an incompetent babysitter, which pretty much meant she was taking care of the triplets all by herself.

She tried to get some one-on-one time with Erik whenever she could. First on her priority list was teaching him to talk.

But the triplets pretty much required her undivided attention.

With all that was going on Marina didn't quite know how to tell her husband the news. But Theo knew the signs and recognized the dress. His wife was pregnant! Again!



  1. I actually gasped when I read the word triplets. One toddler at a time is hard enough, but to have three? + one more on the way.

    Did you give Marina fertility treatment? or were you just lucky/unlucky to get triplets? The abandoned warehouse looked really good, very urban.

  2. I rolled 5 children, so I gave Marina the fertility treatment as soon as I could (right after she had the first baby). I wasn't really expecting to have twins/triplets on the first try, so I was surprised when the "name the baby" screen came up the second and then third time!

    Four kids are quite a handull and I've resorted to cheating and temporarily moved in my otherwise useless babysitter.