Wilde Legacy - Chapter 12

How quickly time passed. The triplets were having their first birthday. The first to grow up into a toddler was Stephanie.

Then Sarah...

And last, but not least, Sierra.

Theo wasn't crying. He just had something in his eye.

That's his story and he was going to stick to it.

Pregnancy cravings kicked in and all Marina could thing about was eating a nice, big slice of birthday cake.

The next few months were spent teaching the triplets to walk...

   ...potty training them...

   (More often than not, Theo got stuck with doing the dirty work.)

   (Thank goodness it was already neatly wrapped when he took it out.)

   ... and teaching them to talk simlish. Much to Marina's disappointment, Sarah was still only speaking gibberish.

And then it happened. Marina went into labour for the third time.


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