Wilde Legacy - Chapter 13

And Ryder was born. While Theo took care of the newborn baby, Marina explained to Erik why he needed to share his room with his brother. Thank goodness there was a book for everything these days.

Thanks to the efforts of Stacey, the (moved-in) babysitter, the triplets were finally potty trained.

Now that he had to share his room with a baby, Erik often sought refuge in his sisters' room.

Marina couldn't seem to resist the urge to randomly tickle one of her children.

   It was time for another birthday!

Erik grew into a child.

Next it was Ryder's turn.

Ryder was the only one to inherit Theo's dark green eye colour. All the other children had Marina's eyes.

Like she had done with his brother and sisters, Marina's first priority was to teach Ryder to talk.

Erik wasn't happy. Couldn't they do this someplace else? He had school in the morning.

The triplets on the other hand didn't mind sharing. It was nice to have someone to play with.


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