Wilde Legacy - Chapter 14

Now that Erik was older, he didn't mind helping his parents with the other kids. He'd do anything to stop constant the wailing.

Like Erik before him, Ryder liked playing in his sisters' room. Whoa! Seph had the best ideas. He would never have tought to play inside the toybox!

   It made playing with blocks seem totally boring. He wanted to play inside the toy box too!

Ryder's temper tantrum woke up Sierra. Why was everyone playing but her?

And one more birthday...

First Steph.

Next Sierra...

   "You can do it, baby girl!"


And finally...


Three birthday cakes! Luckily everyone in the family had a sweet tooth.



  1. Holy cow, Il, I'm catching up all your legacy, and I'm amazed by these lovely 3 little girls. How do you manage to have lovely age transition? I always take pictures *after* because the random outfit is just the last I'd have chosen. But yours are always lovely!

  2. I pause the game as soon as they age (before even the special effect stars disappear) and use Master Controller to change their hair/clothes/make-up. Like you, the game always seems to assign the weirdest hairs and outfits to my sims. I have some before pics from the triplets as teens here: http://wilde-legacy.blogspot.com/2011/04/outtakes-001.html