Wilde Legacy - Chapter 15

A blocks table! The triplets were thrilled with their birthday present.

Even Ryder liked it. Of course, he had to wait until his sisters were in school, but then he could have it all to himself.

   It took a while, but Ryder was finally potty-trained.

Theo was thrilled.

Erik had spent the afternoon with one of his friends and hadn't noticed how late it was. His mother would be furious if he arrived home after curfew.

He barely made it on time. He could see that his mother wasn't pleased with him, though.

To make matters worse, he still hadn't done his homework. Maybe he should try Sierra's two-pencils technique and see if that helped speed things along.

Now that maternity leave was over and Marina was back to work, she couldn't pass on the opportunity to read the book her boss had recommend to her. Theo was sort of vague whenever he mentioned his new job, but she knew he had already been promoted twice. She on the other hand, hadn't progressed past her entry level position, so she needed to catch up.

After reading his bedtime story, it was time to put Ryder in his crib and hope he slept through the night.

Erik had been a little negleted lately, so Theo took a few moments to chat with his oldest son.

Erik couldn't go to sleep without telling his mother he was sorry for staying out so late and receiving his usual good night hug.


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