Wilde Legacy - Chapter 16

   It was Marina's birthday and with the kids in school, Theo decided to take her out to eat at Carmen's, a small beach front mexican restaurant he had discovered in Stayton Bay.

At first he was concerned Marina wouldn't like eating outside, but his wife assured him everything was fine. She liked sitting outside and hearing the faint sound of the waves hitting the shore nearby.

After lunch Theo took her to a private beach club nearby. It was a weekday, so they practically had the big pool all to themselves.

   It seemed like forever and a day since they were able to enjoy each others company without the kids around.

Marina couldn't be happier with her surprise birthday outing and she made sure Theo knew it.

They spent the next few hours swimming, enjoying the sun and chatting casually about nothing and everything.

Unfortunately Theo had to work and couldn't spend the rest of the afternoon with his wife. Marina admired his work ethics but wouldn't let him leave her side without giving him a very thorough goodbye kiss.

Back at their place, Stephanie had brought home a friend from school. Jason seemed really cool and didn't mind discussing his favorite TV shows with her.

Unfortunately he had very strict parents and couldn't stay long. Steph was a bit sad, but she would see him at school the next day and they could play and talk some more then.


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