Wilde Legacy - Chapter 17

The beach club was no fun without Theo. Marina thought the park near their home was a nice place to practice her guitar skill. To her surprise her favorite idol showed up and seemed to be enjoying her music. Marina was thrilled...

   ...for about 5 minutes. Scarlet decided to join her jam session and there was no way in hell Marina was able to keep up with her. She struggled for a little while longer, then decided to call it a day.

She was about to go home when she noticed a somewhat familiar face. He was out of his usual designer suit, but Marina recognized him anyway. Nathan Sullivan, one of the most powerful sims in Portdale. She remembered Erik telling her he owned a F1 Team plus a few other business buildings around town. Theo would kill her if she didn't ask for his autograph, so she gathered her courage and approached him.

The next day was Ryder's birthday. Marina bought a cake and everyone joined in on the celebration.

Now that he was about to be a big boy, Ryder wanted to blow out his own candles. Theo was impressed.

And Ryder grew up!

By a strange coincidence, it was also Erik's birthday.

And Erik was now a teen!

And even more oddly, it was also Theo's birthday!

All the birthdays left Theo and Marina in the mood for a little celebratory dancing. Ryder thought it was kinda lame, but Sierra wasn't paying him any attention. Her favorite show was on and her gaze was glued to the tv.

Theo had told the kids he had a surprise for them the next day and Sarah wanted to complain about all the secrecy. She didn't want to wait until the next day, she wanted to know now!

Despite the kids' insistence, the next morning Theo and Marina still hadn't caved. But they wouldn't have to wait much longer...


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