Wilde Legacy - Chapter 18

A day at the beach! Everyone was excited, even (secretly) Erik, who thought he was too old now to make such a big deal out of a trip to Cape Wilson's beach.

Sierra and Steph thought it would be fun to try to play tag in the ocean.

But the water was too cold so they quickly got out and went to play in the dry sand instead.

Erik, Sarah and Ryder preferred to hang out in the beach's old playground.

Ryder couldn't get over the view! Next opportunity he got, he was going to talk his parents into taking him to visit the lighthouse.

Marina wanted to hear what Erik thought of the day so far. He shrugged, "Okay, I guess..."
He thought he'd rather be here with his friends.

One of their favorite songs was playing on the radio and Marina and Erik just had to dance. Theo thought they were weird, dancing on the beach as if they were in a nightclub.

But Marina knew how to persuade her husband to see things her way...

Shortly after, everyone was dancing.

The kids wanted to roast marshmallows, so Erik decided to light the outdoor fire pit.

The siblings gathered around the fire, while Marina said goodbye to Theo, who was late for work.

   It was getting late, but no one wanted to leave. They were having so much fun!



  1. It's great you take your family out on outings. Mine are always off doing their own thing.
    The kids are all really cute. I especially like red haired boys. :D

  2. I like red hair too; I was kinda disappointed that only one child ended up inheriting it. Oh, well...

  3. The picture of the girls playing tag was very well done, it looked like they were swimming.