Wilde Legacy - Chapter 19

   It was Sunday and as promised a couple days earlier, Erik was showing Audrey, his new schoolmate, some of his favorite hang-outs. "Sorry to drag you all the way to Burwell, but Sonya's Diner has the best, cheapest burgers in town."

   "Uh, Erik, do you know that girl? She keeps staring at us and it's creeping me out."
"That's Erica Milton." Erik told her. "Don't mind her, she's probably just curious about you since you're new in town."

They placed their order and sat down while they waited for Sonya to bring them their burgers. Audrey was telling him about this really interesting dream she'd had about being a young adult named Sugar, who lived in Bridgeport and how she had a makeover while she was at a club.

Suddenly, someone covered Erik's eyes. "Guess who!"

Erik, of course, recognized Jeremy's (his best friend) voice.  
Go away, go away, go away. 
A new voice. "It's us!"
And he'd brought his boyfriend Morgan with him.

Audrey was smiling. "Are these your friends?"
Jeremy looked at Morgan sideways. "Did you hear that? Of course we're not his friends..."

Erik closed his eyes. Don't do it. 
Too late. Jeremy embraced him from behind and winked at Morgan.
"...we're his lovers, right?"
Morgan played along. "Yeah, babe! We're a threesome."

   "That's not true! Please don't pay any attention to them, Audrey. They think it's funny to yank my chain."

Audrey thought they were hilarious and introduced herself, then invited them to sit at their table. After some seating rearrangements (Jeremy insisted on being seated next to his boyfriend), their orders arrived and conversation stalled a bit while they enjoyed their extra greasy burgers and hot-dogs.

Erik finally managed to get Audrey away from his friends, under the guise of needing help to select a song from the jukebox. "I'm so sorry about them, Audrey. Their jokes can get a little out of hand."

   "They're okay." She got really close to him and asked in a very flirtatious tone of voice. "How about you and I go check out the playground outside?"
"Are you sure?"

Audrey was sure. The flirtation lead to cuddling in the picnic bench outside the diner.



  1. After some hair pulling experiences with story progression, I decided I didn't need the hassle and turned it off.

    I downloaded a TS2 aging mod, so now my legacy family is the only household that will age normally, and I'll age other sims whenever it's appropriate.

    Like I posted on MTS, it'll get weird when some of my family's great-grandchildren are friends and/or marry a sim that used to be their great-grandparents best friend, but oh, well... I can live with that.

  2. Which mod did you download? Also, the shot of Eric with his eyes closed in the threesome pic was perfectly posed, and his expression is very fitting. He looks embarrassed <3

  3. lol, he was actually listening to the jukebox and Jeremy and Morgan were dancing. But I thought it would be funny to have my gay teen couple tease their friend.

    The mod is Buzzler's Aging Manager: http://www.moreawesomethanyou.com/smf/index.php?topic=16983.0

    I actually tried twallan's SP first, but somehow that contributed even more to the lag, so I was relieved to find Buzzler's mod. It's really simple and so far, so good.