Wilde Legacy - Chapter 23

Erik pressed the elevator button automatically, without really knowing what he was doing. After the high of being with Erica, now he was feeling confused. He had liked kissing Erica, but then again, he had also enjoyed kissing Audrey the day before. He couldn't really like two girls, could he?

He entered his home to find his father in the living room. He'd never thought he would want to do this, but maybe it was time for some parental advice. "Dad, how did you know mom was the one?"
"There's two girls I think I like but-"

Theo clearly wasn't ready for this conversation."Uh, Erik, maybe you should ask your mom-"
"Daaaad! I can't ask mom something like this."

Marina had always been the only woman in Theo's life, so he wasn't sure what to tell his son. "Why don't you try closing your eyes and see which one you think about first? Or maybe you should go to sleep and see which one is the first to pop into your mind when you wake up..."
Erik sighed. His father's advice sounded remarkably unhelpful.

Meanwhile, Marina was at Club Noir. She had agreed to meet some of her co-workers here, but it seemed she was the first to arrive. She wondered if Layla Evans would be here tonight. The newspaper's gossip column said that the actress was a known party animal and Club Noir was the current hotspot, so chances were good.

She ordered an exorbitantly priced drink and wondered if it was really true that celebrities didn't always have to pay the full price. Maybe she should get an agent, like Layla Evans. She was in the music industry after all, so why not?

The club's pianist caught her attention. Wow, she was good. Marina had the sudden urge to join her on the stage, but she thought it would be inappropriate. Besides she couldn't really play bass. Her career required her to focus on her guitar and that's what she had always done.

As soon as the pianist took a break from playing, Marina rushed over to introduce herself. The pianist's name was Autumn Chandler and she was more than happy to find someone to chat with during her break.

They found a quiet corner and sat down. The conversation started out with work related topics but soon changed to shoes. They obviously shopped at the same designer store.

One of Marina's coworker's finally showed up. Marina greeted Raphael Blake with an enthusiastic "woo!"

Raphael asked her to dance and she accepted. They were here, they might as well enjoy it.

Julian Delaney, Marina's boss, also showed up. Marina had always worshiped the ground the talented conductor walked on. She could only hope that someday she would be able to rise to his level.


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