Wilde Legacy - Chapter 24

Asher Hamilton, another of Marina's coworkers, was also a two-star celebrity. She chatted him up and after he warmed up to her she was able to to invite him to join her for dinner. Club Noir had a private restaurant section that was famous for its exquisite meals, so Asher quickly accepted.

Although Asher worked in the same building and for the same recording company, he was in the rock career branch and was currently a backup vocalist.

Why was that paparazzo looking at her? That's when it it her. Talking with Scarlet in the park, Layla Evans in the library and having dinner with Asher... someone must have notified the press, because she was now a celebrity!

Despite her earlier considerations about free drinks, Marina still wasn't sure how she felt about being famous. Autumn thought it merited a celebratory double high five.

Oblivious to the fact that their mother was now a celebrity, the kids prepared to do their homework.

Sarah and Ryder were too sleepy to make sense of it, and copying their sisters' homework was more temptation than they could resist.

   It was much easier when they already knew the answers.

The next morning Ryder and Steph got up at dawn to play with their new video games console.

Ryder thought playing video games was awesome, even though it was somewhat lame to be playing with a girl... who happened to be his older sister...

There was still some time before the school bus arrived, and Ryder decided to jump start his athletic skill with a cardio workout.

Erik wasn't sure if he should keep trying to improve his artistic ability. So far the results were less than satisfactory. Maybe he should focus on the guitar, like his mother.


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