Wilde Legacy - Chapter 25

After some soul-searching, Erik had come to terms with whom he really wanted to date. As soon as he could he took Erica out for a walk in the park.

Despite the crowd, it was the perfect place for a romantic date.

Until the last person Erik wanted to see showed up. Erik knew he should have talked with Audrey, but he hadn't been sure what to say to let her down easy.

A quick glance was all it took for Audrey to put two and two together.

Affecting a wronged aristocrat, Audrey stuck her nose in the air and proceeded to ignore them.

Audrey quickly found a partner willing to dance with her, but Erik had already forgotten she was even there. Really, how could he remember anything when Erica was kissing him so intently?

Audrey's plan backfired. Ignoring Erik was supposed to make him pay attention to her! Then why was she the one who had to force herself not to watch the nauseating public displays of "argh" between those two!?

   Ignoring him wasn't working so Audrey went over to confront Erik. The girl was like an annoying little fly, trying to soothe her temper with unwanted pacifying words. Did Erik really prefer this backbone-lacking insect?

Audrey would crush her like the bug she was. "I'm telling you, Erik is mine! Get the hell away from him or else I... I...!" She would... she would...

Oh, right! She knew having a criminal master thief brother would come in handy someday. "...or else I'll tell my brother to have a little "chat" with you. He always carries a gun and trust me, he isn't afraid to use it. I bet a few bullet holes would look real pretty with your girl-next-door look."

Erica took a step back. "Y-you don't have to tell anyone anything... I was just about to l-leave..."
Audrey's words had the intended effect. The annoying insect was clearly scared.

Now that she was confident the insect wouldn't interfere, Audrey turned her attention to Erik. "Hey, how about you and I go to the beach tomorrow? I bet you would like to see me in a bikini, wouldn't you?"


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