Wilde Legacy - Chapter 26

   "Are you out of your frickin' mind?" Erik had had enough. How the hell had he ended up involved, however briefly, with someone who thought nothing of threatening to shoot a person?

Audrey purposely misunderstood. "Then how about we go to that diner you like?"

   "I don't want to go anywhere with you! As far as I'm concerned, you don't exist, do you understand me!?"
Erica was all but beaming as she watched Erik yelling at Audrey. "All leave you to finish this, Erik, my sister was supposed to meet me here so I'd better go find her."

Now that he was alone with Audrey, Erik wanted to issue some warnings of his own. "Maybe you didn't notice or maybe you're just that dim, but there were plenty of people here when you threatened Erica. So if anything, and I mean anything!, happens to her, me or our families, I'm sure the authorities will know where to start looking for answers."
Audrey obviously didn't like admitting defeat, because she didn't. She just left which was good enough in Erik's opinion.

   "Well said! Audrey Ashton is such a bitch."
"Ella?! Your sister is looking for you."
"I've already talked to her. She wanted to make sure you were okay, but I told her I'd do it for her. I didn't want her near Audrey again."

   "This is all my fault. I should never have started dating Erica the day after I kissed Audrey. Sorry, you're her sister, I shouldn't be unloading this crap on you."

Ella was surprisingly understanding. "Hey, it's okay. I know boys are morons and I'm sure my sister knows it too. But I heard what you said to Audrey and I really believe you like my sister-"
"I do!"

Ella continued as if he hadn't interrupted her. "...because if you break my sister's heart, you'll learn that unlike Audrey, I don't make empty threats, I take action."
Erik felt a shiver run down his back. "Uh..."
Ella patted his arm with a smile on her face. "Don't worry about her Erica, we live just around the corner so we'll go home together. You can call her in the morning, okay?"

That afternoon's events were not something that could be put to rest with one of Steph's excellent chocolate cookies, but all the fighting hadn't curbed his appetite. Uhmmmm, Steph's cookies really were the best.

The next morning, Theo had a meeting with one of his coworkers. Derrick, last name unknown, wanted to discuss his newest evil master plot with him.

   "I'm telling you, we need to eliminate Carter Ashton. We need a boss who's evil. I can see myself working for an Emperor of Evil, but a master thief! What has this world come to? Our boss is a lowly thief, for hell's sake! Why are we working for him when we could be working for an Emperor?"
Theo didn't want to hear anymore. Derrick was talking about eliminating their boss right outside Carter's deceptively high-tech warehouse! He hadn't thought his coworker was insane, but now he had to wonder.

Derrick was furious about Theo brushing aside his brilliant master plan. "You're a coward, that's what you are! Carter's sister threatens your son and his girlfriend and you don't even have the balls to do something about it."
"What? Calm down, what did you say?"
But Derrick wasn't listening. "We'll if that's the way it's going to be, I'll take care of him myself. Stay away from the warehouse tonight. Cowards should stay home, anyway."



  1. Damn, I kind of liked Audrey, but Erica is cute too.

    Also, Marina is very pretty as well, did you download her or make her in CAS?

  2. I was going to make Audrey the only love interest for Erik, but then one day the game had Erik go to Erica's house after school and the two of them just seemed to get along right away, unlike Audrey who kept rejecting Erik's romantic interactions. I seriously considered not not letting Erik and Erica see each other because the name thing was cheesy and confusing, but eventually gave in.

    I don't download sims, I create them all in CAS or give EA sims makeovers.

    The exception is the legacy family kids, they were the first sims I had who were born in the game.
    I think I had good luck with Marina and Theo's genes. Other than hair and their parents' contact lenses, I didn't need to change anything about the kids facial structure for the toddler/children phase and Erik's teen phase. The triplets became teens yesterday and I had to make the first CAS intervention, because one of them had a chin/lips/teeth problem, but I'm trying (as much as I can) not to interfere with their facial genetics.

  3. Can you please post a picture of the chin/lips/teeth problem before and after CAS intervention? Now I'm intrigued.

  4. I didn't take a picture in CAS, but I'll try going back to a save file and aging her again. Uhmm, this is actually a good experiment, I'll see if sims always age with the same facial characteristics or not.

  5. And here are the results after some experimentations. (Plus a preview of the triplets as teens. :D)