Wilde Legacy - Chapter 27

Theo was just about to step into the alley leading to the warehouse's entrance when he saw them. As it turned out, he should have taken Derrick seriously. Theo hid at the alley's entrance and hoped they hadn't noticed him.

Derrick was talking maniacally. "You're so dead Carter! I'm taking over as the first Emperor of Evil."

Carter didn't say a word. He aimed his gun at Derrick's heart and shot him.

The alleyway was too dark for a good shot and Carter's bullet resulted only in a minor flesh wound on Derrick's arm. But that was enough to make him lose his balance and fall backwards.

   "Stand up and drop your weapon. Slowly." Carter ordered in a no-nonsense cold tone of voice. "Any sudden movements and I will shoot you."
"Sure, Carter. Easy man, it was all a joke, I didn't really want to shoot you."

As soon as Derrick's gun hit the ground, Carter shot him. "You know, I really don't have a sense of humor."

And Carter turned around and walked into his warehouse, leaving Derrick moaning on the filthy alley's floor. Theo stood there with his back pressed against the wall, not even daring to breathe.

As soon as he was sure that Carter was inside, Theo peeked around the corner. Derrick was bleeding heavily, but if all the moaning and harsh grunts were any indication, he was still alive.

Theo knew that if he stuck around, there was a chance Carter could figure out he was a witness for what happened, so he ran across the street to the deserted factory.

   "911, what is your emergency?"
"Someone's been shot. Send an ambulance to the abandoned warehouses at Portdale's Industrial Park. Hurry."

The ambulance arrived a few minutes later. Theo could only watch as the paramedics loaded Derrick into the ambulance and took off at full speed.



  1. This twist was amazing, I love the gun pictures. Great job :)

  2. lol, I think I had just a little too much fun with the gun poses, but Theo was about to leave the criminal career and I wanted to have something criminal incorporated in the storyline before he switched jobs.

  3. This was a great way of giving him a reason to switch. I like how there is more to your legacy than just popping out the next baby, because that gets boring fast.