Wilde Legacy - Chapter 28

Theo stopped by the hospital a few days later. The nurse on duty told him that Derrick was in a medical induced coma. He was stable, but his body needed time to heal the extensive damage the bullet had caused.
Theo would have visited sooner, but common sense told him to wait until every criminal in Portadale became aware that Derrick had been shot. There were a few whispers being made about Carter's ruthless personality, but so far nothing tied him to the shooting, and speculation about the shooter's identity was the subject of every gossip conversation in the criminal world.
The police had searched the warehouse, but the cameras had suffered a mysterious malfunction shortly before the shooting occurred. Theo could only thank his lucky star. Carter's efforts not to have any evidence that linked him to this crime meant he wasn't aware that Theo was a witness.

Theo watched his coworker sleep for long moments. While the incident could be largely attributed to Derrick's stupidity, the truth was that doing business with criminals was fraught with risk. Theo had been trying not to think too hard about everything that could go wrong, but now he had to confront reality. He had five kids that needed him around. He owed it to them to find some legal employment.

Steph had her own plans to make money. Her genius brain had noted they had a surplus of baked goods from playing with the toy oven and she had convinced her sisters that they could sell them to make a profit. Edgewood's church park seemed like the perfect place to set up shop after school.

   It was almost dark by the time someone approached their baked goods table. Steph made sure to be extra nice to their first potential customer.



Flies! Hopefully no one would notice...

The mayor and his son, Jamie, approached. Jamie wanted chocolate cookies, but unfortunately she didn't have any for sale. Steph had discovered that no chocolate cookie was safe with Erik on the house. Her older brother seemed to have developed a sixth sense that warned him when her or her sisters were baking chocolate cookies and would be there the second they were out of the oven.
Somehow, Steph managed to convince Jamie to buy a pie.

Jamie must have liked the pie, because the Mayor returned when she placed the rest of her inventory on the table.

Steph needed a break and convinced Sierra to take care of the table for her. Felicity's grandfather didn't really want to buy anything, but he offered to help disassemble the table when they were finished.

One of her older brother's schoolmates approached the table, but was clearly displeased with what he saw. Sierra was mystified. Steph and Sarah's cookies were of excellent quality. What could be wrong?

Flies! Even absent-minded Sierra knew that flies were bad for business.

Shoo! Leave our brownies alone!


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