Wilde Legacy - Chapter 29

As soon as Erik and the triplets arrived home, Theo called Erik aside. "One of my coworkers told me that a girl threatened you. Erik, is there something I need to know?"
Erik didn't quite know what to tell his father. "It wasn't really me she threatened, she threatened Erica, my girlfriend. But she didn't mean any of it. She was just angry."

Theo wasn't convinced. "Are you sure?"
"Yeah, dad. I'd let you know if something serious was going on."

The Oakley's Italian Restaurant and Pizzeria had posted an ad in the newspaper advertising an entry level position. Now that Theo had decided to get a new job, he wasted no time setting up an interview. Once there, he introduced himself to Cynthia Oakley, the restaurant's chef.

Cynthia was all business. "The first thing I need to know are your qualifications."
Theo and Marina had always had a pretty straightforward division of chores in their home. Generally speaking, Marina cleaned and Theo cooked. As a result his cooking skill was a pretty good level 6.

Cynthia didn't share his opinion. "Level six? I was hoping for someone a little more skilled. Oh, well, you're the only one who answered the ad, so..."

   "You're hired!"

Theo introduced himself to his new coworker. Her name was Tanya Barnes and she handled the take out counter. Cynthia's husband's, Daniel, was busy greeting the customers, so Theo had to wait to introduce himself to his other boss.

Tanya was trying to be friendly. "You'll like working here. Cynthia gives her employees a huge discount on take away pizzas."

   "Yeah, she told me. Well, I've got to run. It's my daughters' birthdays and I don't want to be late."
"I'll see you tomorrow, then."

Steph wasn't exactly happy with her birthday party. She wasn't sure she wanted to be a teen just yet.

Sierra just took it in stride. Teens could have a lot more fun than children could.

Sarah wasn't happy either. "Why am I always the last one!?"



  1. Hi! Great legacy story you have going on here. How do you play the pizzaria? And is it a lot we can download somewhere because it looks great. And in which world are you playing? The oictures are so beautiful! Great blog.

  2. Here's some more info on how I play the restaurant/pizzeria lot:

    I have no plans to upload the lot, mainly because most of the objects on it are pay items.

    The world is a custom world I made in CAW, still very much unfinished. I can't take credit for the lots, all the pretty ones were downloaded (I'm a really terrible builder).