Wilde Legacy - Chapter 30

The first thing Stephanie did as a teen was call Jason, her best friend. "Are you a teen yet? I want to go somewhere with someone who isn't blood related."

Jason had agreed to meet with her in front of the movie cineplex. Stephanie was feeling flirty. "So, is this a date?"

Jason grabbed her hands. "What do you think?"
"It feels like a date."
He laughed. "Are you sure?"

Steph interlaced her fingers with his. "Come on, we're gonna be late for the movie."

The movie had lasted two hours and they had held hands for most of that time. Stephanie wasn't sure what to do now that the movie was over. Would he kiss her? Should she kiss him? Was it too soon? We're they really even dating?

   In the end, she didn't have to make any decisions. She was out past curfew and her mom had sent the police to pick her up.

Jason stayed back and tried to hide his amusement at her predicament. If only the police wasn't here, she would wipe that smirk off his face!

Marina wasn't happy with her. "You know that if you're going to be out late, you need to call me!"

   "I know. I'm sorry, mom."

   "You may be a teen now, but I still worry. Promise that you will call me next time you're late."

   "I promise."



  1. Lovely update, the girls, and their mother is stunning. The cook at the restaurant was also very pretty. You surely do have some nice looking Sims in your hood. Any chance of getting a more in-depth intro to the pizzeria? what little I saw looked very nice.

  2. Thanks ani! I like messing around with CAS to create sims and give EA sims makeovers. :D

    There's already some images of the restaurant/pizzeria in chapter 7, but you can read more about the business side of it here: