Wilde Legacy - Chapter 31

Ryder had made a new friend at school and had invited him out to the downtown park. Denver had agreed to meet him there.

   "Sorry about that," Denver said when the paparazzo started taking pictures. "My adoptive parents are famous and there's always paparazzi following us around."
Ryder was surprised. "You're adopted?"
"Yeah, Layla wanted a kid so she went to the orphanage and ended up picking me."
A celebrity named Layla... Ryder put two and two together. "Layla Evans is your mother? Wow!"
Denver shrugged. "It's alright, I guess. Except she insists on taking me to her hair stylist and I always end up with these weird hairstyles... I mean, what kid wants blue highlights on his hair?"

The paparazzo wouldn't leave them alone, so Denver suggested they go play in the park's playground. "The paparazzi usually don't take pictures in the playground. People tend to call the police when strange men start taking pictures of kids there."

Ryder had brought his football with him and convinced Denver to play with him. "Are you ready?"
"Just throw it!"

   "Here you go!"

Denver caught it.

Unfortunately Ryder didn't. The football went flying over his head.

After playing in the park, Ryder invited Denver over to play video-games at his house.

   It was great to play with someone his own age and gender. Erik could't seem to let go of his new guitar long enough to play with him and Ryder was getting tired of only playing with his older sisters.

After Denver went home it was time to do his homework. As usual, his older brother and sisters were whispering teen stuff that he was supposedly to young too know or understand.

Ryder hated when they did that! Just because they were older, didn't mean they had to exclude him from all the fun stuff.

Like her brother Erik, it was fairly obvious that Steph wasn't destined for a career as a painter.


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