Wilde Legacy - Chapter 32

Now that her father had a job at a restaurant, Sarah had become increasingly fascinated with the culinary world. She would often sit with her father and watch cooking shows. Then, one Saturday morning, she decided to take a culinary class at the Little Corsican Bistro.

She checked out the schedule and saw that there was a new lesson starting in ten minutes. Perfect!

She couldn't wait to learn something new. At this rate she would soon be more skillful than her father.

Once she arrived home it was time to test what she'd learned.

She decided to start with a stir-fry. She chopped the ingredients, threw in a bit of salt and pepper...

A few minutes in the stove...

And it was ready to serve.

   It was rare for everyone to sit together for lunch, but Sarah insisted. The meal was very nice and everyone gave her a thumbs up.

After lunch, Erik met Jeremy in the park. He had been practicing with his guitar almost non-stop and wanted to show his friend how far he'd progressed.

   "Hey! You're not listening to me!"
"Erik, Logan Cross from the band Rapaces is here!"
"No way!"

Jeremy wasn't at all shy and rushed over to introduce himself to his favorite guitarists. "Dude I love your guitar solos! And your new song rocks!"

Erik was still in shock at seeing Logan, but he managed a timid, "Hi."


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