Wilde Legacy - Chapter 33

Jeremy and his big mouth wasted no time telling Logan that Erik also played the guitar.
"You do? That's great. Can you play something for me?"

Erik was a bit nervous at first.

But once he closed his eyes he forgot all about who was watching and listening. His world narrowed until it was just him and the powerful sounds he could coax from his guitar.

Logan was impressed. "You're really good. Here, let me give you my agent's phone number. I bet he'll jump at the chance to represent you."
Jeremy couldn't believe it. Logan Cross had just given his best friend his agent's phone number!

Across town, on the other side of the river, Sierra and her friend Lauren were visiting the movie studio and, of course, gossiping about all the celebrities they encountered. "Did you hear that Layla and her husband have adopted a kid?"

"Yeah, but look at them arguing. I bet the kid will end up with divorced parents."
"You're so mean." Lauren giggled. "But I think you're right."

After a while, they gathered their courage and approached the famous couple.

Layla was really nice and asked Sierra if she wanted an autograph.

Sierra decided to take a chance and ask the famous director if he had any roles for a young aspiring actress.
Gabriel Watts looked at her with an "you're-got-to-be-kidding-me" expression. "Not really, no."

Layla felt she had to compensate for her husband's rudeness and invited the girls for a tour of the studio. They got to see the sets and movie props of Layla's newest western film.

After the tour, Layla took Sierra aside for some career advice. "If you're serious about becoming an actress you should start by working on your charisma skill. Also, who you know is very important in this business. Being friends with celebrities and cast members can open a lot of doors for you."

After their amazing afternoon, Lauren followed Sierra home. "I still can't believe Layla Evans gave us a tour of the studio. It's, like, surreal or something."
Sierra agreed. "I know. I never thought she would be that nice. Her husband on the other hand..."



  1. Do you already know who will be the heir?

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