Wilde Legacy - Chapter 34

After hours of begging, Ryder had finally convinced his father to let him bring his friend Denver to watch one of his karate lessons.
"I'm sorry I forgot to warn you, you're not allowed to wear shoes in a dojo."
"It's okay." Denver told him, then giggled. "This floor tickles my feet."

   "Is that old guy the teacher?" Denver asked.
"Yeah, but during lessons you have to call him Sensei. My dad told me it means master or teacher in japanese."

   "What about the belts? Why the different colors?"
"The colors show the level you've reached. Lighter colors, like white and yellow are the lowest ranks. It means you've just started practicing. The darker the colors, the more advanced you are. My father is a brown belt, so he's very advanced. The Sensei has a black belt, the highest belt rank."

   "What are they doing now?"
"That's called a kata. It's a series of different moves that they have to practice."

After the kata, the Sensei chose Jase for the kumite. First they bowed to each other.

Ryder was excited. "This is the best part."

Denver was confused. "The Sensei's going to fight? But he's so... well, old."

Ryder rolled his eyes. "That guy's only a green belt. He's no match for Sensei."

Sensei Dan easily deflected his student's first punch.
Ryder smiled smugly. "See?"

Sensei's counter-attack was a powerful kick to the solar plexus. Jase only just managed to duck.

Sensei accompanied his next kick with a powerful scream.
"The scream has a name too," Ryder whispered to Denver, "it's called a kiai. Cool, isn't it?"

Shortly after - and much too soon, in Ryder's opinion - the sparring was over.



  1. lol, sorry for the karate lesson everyone. I couldn't help myself... : )

  2. That's cool, you used the pose player for it?

  3. Yeah, I used poses for kneeling, the "kata" and the kids sitting on the floor. The sparring is a world adventures interaction.

  4. Awesome!!! No need for apologies, that was incredible to witness. It must have taken a tremendous amount of patience. :)