Wilde Legacy - Chapter 36

A few days later, it was Ryder's birthday.

And Ryder became a teen. As usual, the family celebrated.

Ryder aged into a teen with a lot of attitude, and a lot of piercings to go along with it. As a result, he gained the hot headed trait.

Also as usual, everyone grabbed a monstrous slice of birthday cake.

Sierra was on a new mission: persuade her father to teach her to drive. "C'mon dad. You taught Erik and Steph. Now it's my turn."

Theo had bought an old model car to teach the kids to drive.

   "Sierra, you can't stop in the middle of a crossroads! Move forward! Now! Go!"
"Okay, okay! Don't yell at me, dad!"

   "Uh... You can go a little faster now."
Sierra sighed. "Dad, you're the worst driving teacher in the world."
"That's okay, but don't look at me when you say it, you have to pay attention to the road."

Ryder's best friend, Denver, had also aged into a teen. The boys decided to spend the afternoon at the private beach club in Stayton Bay.

Swimming in the pool was the perfect way to spend a hot spring day.


Ryder's payback.

   "Okay, now what?"


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