Wilde Legacy - Chapter 37

Ryder challenged Denver for a match on the foosball table.

And it was game on. Ryder had spent a lot of time listening to Denver brag about his playing so it was time to show him who dominated the foosball tables.

Unfortunately, things didn't go according to plan. Ryder's plan, anyway.
Denver, on the other hand, was ecstatic. "Yeah! I rule!"

Ryder wasn't about to accept that result and called for a rematch.

Erik's teen days were almost over and he had more serious concerns on his mind. He had given Logan's agent a call, only to find out the man was on a talent searching trip and would be out of the country for a few months.

Erik's backup plan was Asher Hamilton. He'd read on the newspaper that the rockstar needed a new guitarist for his band. And he was supposed to be here, in this very building, at this exact hour, giving an interview to radio show host Ross McCarten.

So Erik was going to wait here for Asher to come out. And he was playing his heart out while he waited. After all, one never knew who he might run into at a popular radio station.

But instead of a famous musician or heavyweight label executives, it was the radio station's receptionist who approached him.

   "How did you get past security? You can't be in here!"

Erik had been practicing his charisma in front of mirror for occasions just like these. Time to test his charming introduction. "Hi, I'm Erik."
"And I'm Jasmyn. Now go away."
Uhmm, maybe he should have practiced harder? For now, a change of tactic was in order. "I can't leave. I'm waiting for Asher Hamilton to come out. I heard he was looking for a guitarist and I'm really good-"

   "Asher Hamilton? He's not here."
Erik wasn't buying it. "He's not? Then how is he giving an interview right now? Plus you've been advertising it all week!"

   "The interview was pre-recorded to accommodate Asher's schedule," Jasmyn explained. "The interview is airing now, but it was actually recorded last week."
Bummer. Of all the rotten luck!



  1. Your teens have crazy abs, is it a custom skin or LN muscle slider?

  2. It's the default skin. It looks weird on male teens, but I like it on the adults.

  3. Sorry guys, I don't know what the heck was wrong with me when I answered. I meant it's the default replacement skin I use (this one:http://www.peggyzone.com/Sims3Object.html?type=05_00_00&page=last), not the game's default skin.