Wilde Legacy - Chapter 42

The day the triplets had been anxiously waiting for had finally arrived. They had managed (after much begging) to convince their parents to rent their favorite dance club, Aquarius, for their birthday party.

They had invited all their friends (plus their friends' friends, family friends, and everyone else they could think of) to celebrate the momentous occasion. As soon as the candles were blown they would officially be adults.

As usual, Steph was the first to age up.

Everyone cheered as Steph turned into a young adult.

Next, Sierra. Lauren, her best friend, just had to be by her side for the big transformation.

And Sierra turned into a young adult.



Afterwards, everyone joined in one big cheer.

The Wilde's favorite thing: Birthday cake time.

One of Marina's co-workers, Raphael Blake, wasted no time sitting next to Sarah. She though he was cute (she had a thing for blonds), but the way he kept asking her questions about her mother was a little off-putting.

Unlike the rest of her family, Steph couldn't care less about the cake. She forced herself to wait patiently for Jason to finish eating his slice. She couldn't wait to kiss him, their first kiss as adults...


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