Wilde Legacy - Chapter 43

Steph finally managed to drag Jason into a quiet corner. "The night view here is amazing, isn't it?"

Jason pulled her into his arms. "Don't tell me you dragged me here to talk about the view?"
Steph shrugged. "And if I did?"

   "That would be very disappointing." Jason gave her one of his amused almost smiles. "But if that's what you want..."
Steph snorted. "Shut up and kiss me already!"

He did.

Sierra was in the hot-tub, unashamedly watching her sister make-out with her boyfriend. Though after a while, watching became boring. Maybe I should get a boyfriend of my own. Surely doing it has to be way more fun than just watching it.

Archer Hamilton, a friend of her mother's, joined her in the hot-tub.

   "You really didn't like my latest album? But everyone says it's great. Several singles were even nominated for a few music awards."
God save her from insecure rock stars. Time to make him leave her alone. "Nominated. Right." She arched an eyebrow. "Have you actually won anything?"
"Well... no." Awkward silence. "Oh, there's your mother, I should go and say hi to her."

Sierra was about to leave when someone else entered the hot-tub.

Then again, why not stay and enjoy the view...

Marina was dancing with Keith Sanders, a music journalist she had known for a while. "Do you see that girl in the pink shirt dancing with my son Ryder? She's my other son's girlfriend. Speaking of Erik, how long are you planning to ignore my advice to run a feature about his band in your newspaper? Did you know he just signed a record deal?"

Unlike everyone else, Theo wasn't in the mood to celebrate. He couldn't get over the fact that his girls were now adults and would soon leave the nest. It was every doting father's nightmare.

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