Wilde Legacy - Chapter 44

Ryder was having fun dancing with Erica when Erik decided to interrupt them.

   "Hey baby brother, you don't mind if I cut in, do you? I want a dance with my girlfriend."
Erica glanced at Ryder. He glared at her. Erica stammered. "W-well..."

Erik laughed. "You don't have to babysit the kid any longer. Let him go find someone his own age to play with."
Ryder clenched his jaw in irritation, then muttered. "Like you're really mature..."

   "Look at him pouting!" Erik said in a loud stage whisper. "Someone didn't get his nap today."

   "Erik, stop teasing your brother," Erica ordered, trying to defend Ryder, but doing a poor job of hiding her amusement.

   "Uh?" Erik put on his best "butter wouldn't melt in his mouth" expression. "I'm not doing anything."
Ryder rolled his eyes. "You're such an a#$*#**! Really, Erica, you should dump his sorry a#$."

Erik was immediately serious. "Get lost, Ryder. Now."
Ryder glared at them. "Fine."

Sarah had found another blond to flirt with. Ethan was just her type with his surfer boy good looks and easy-going nature. She had no idea who had invited him, but she owed that person a huge thank you.

   It felt totally natural to move close to him.

   "I know it's your birthday party and we've only just met, but this feels like a date."
"Oh." Sarah didn't know what else to say.

Ethan continued undeterred. "But since it is your birthday party and we've only just met, and this feels like a date but really isn't, I think we should try the real thing."
Sarah's heart skipped a beat. "Are you asking me out on a dat-"
A voice to the left interrupted. "Sarah! Can you go tell Erik that h-"

Sarah exhaled, exasperated. "Ryder, not now."
"Ryder. Not. Now!"
Thankfully, Ethan didn't seem to mind the interruption too much. "You look so cute when you're angry."

Ryder was sick and tired of being ignored. His rebellious streak kicked in and the had an awesome idea. He would have fun at this party and he would give his sibling a metaphoric middle finger salute. He just needed to find someone in his contact list who had the right phone number.

His plan fell into place quickly. Now all he had to do was wait.


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