Wilde Legacy - Chapter 46

Now that the triplets were adults, it was time for them to move out of their parents' house. Theo had a last minute gift for Sarah. "It's my first edition copy of Cooking Vol. 3: Yummy and Delicious."
Sarah laughed. "Dad! You're not supposed to tell me what it is before I open it!"

Erik had showed up earlier to help the triplets move to their rented three bedroom apartment, but his sisters weren't yet done with the hugs, kisses and "I love you's." Ryder was still very much pissed at Erik and hated having him in the house. But with his parents right there, there was not much he could do other than snubbing him.

Finally, it was time for everyone to leave. Erik would drive the triplets to their new home, Marina and Theo were late for their jobs and Ryder's school bus was waiting for him in front of the building.

After school, it was time for Ryder's karate lesson. His father had come through on his promise to let him join Sensei Dan's martial arts lessons if he had good grades.

Ryder had quickly rose through the ranks. He'd earned his blue belt last week, but this was the first time he wore it in class.

And a sparring practice with a lowly yellow belt was the perfect way to show it off.

As soon as he got home, he got a phone call from Audrey. After the plans they'd made at the party, he'd been anxiously waiting for her call all day.

   "So, are we still on for tonight?"
Ryder's cheerful retort: "Hell, yeah!"

An hour later, they met on what Ryder hoped was the correct street. "Are you sure you've got the right address?"
"I've used some of my brother's... resources." Audrey whispered evasively.  "So, yeah, I'm sure."

They positioned themselves near the entrance stairs.
"Do you want to go over the plan one more time?" Audrey asked.
Ryder rolled his eyes. "I've got it. It's not rocket science, for heaven's sake."

With the bag of poo in place, it was time for the moment of truth.


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