Wilde Legacy - Chapter 47

As soon as the bag was flaming, Ryder ran off to join Audrey behind the tree, their designated first hiding place.

They didn't have to wait long...

Erica didn't disappoint. Ryder and Audrey could barely stifle their laughter as they watched her begin to stomp on the bag, trying to put out the flames.

They couldn't have chosen a better hiding spot. They had a clear view of Erica's priceless expression as she realized what she had stepped on.

Uh-oh. Erica was looking around, trying to see if she spotted the culprits. Time to retreat to the secondary hiding place.

They hid behind the flower bushes. Erica could look all she wanted, she wouldn't find them.

They left their spot fifteen minutes later, when they were sure Erica wouldn't come back. They were still laughing at their successful prank. "Did you see her face?"

   "And her feet!" They laughed harder. "Did you see her trying to get that shit out of her shoes?"

They weren't ready to call it a night, so they decided to stop at Morgana's Cafe. The weather was perfect for eating outside.

They sat down to eat their hot-dogs. Audrey was ecstatic. "I rule. You should now bow to Portdale's master prankster."

   "Hey! I'm the one who did everything. You just hid behind the tree!"
Audrey wasn't convinced. "My brother always tells me that a successful operation requires two things: the brains and the brawn. It all worked out because you did what I told you to do. I'm the brains behind our success."

   "Fine," Ryder shrugged good-naturedly. Starting an argument would only serve to ruin the night. He'd show her the error of her ways some other time.



  1. Aw, that was cute. And funny. I love this! I think I'm forming an addiction to it.

  2. I've never seen the bag of poo prank before, my Sims need to start being meaner.

    Great update, love the building Erica lived in, looked very real.

  3. I love this legacy SO much <3