Wilde Legacy - Chapter 48

They were about to leave when a thought struck him. After a moment's indecision he decided to go for it. "Say, Audrey..."

   "...would you be my date to the prom?"

Audrey's jaw dropped. She had NOT seen that coming.

How to let him down easy? "Uh... listen, Ryder..."

   "Come on, Audrey. I'm pretty popular. And you're older than the chicks at my school, so you'd be the coolest girl there."

   "Ryder, I'm really not-"
"Please!" Ryder wasn't above pleading. "Consider it your good deed of the year or something."

Audrey sighed. "Fine. As long as you're okay with it being a pity date."

Ryder hugged her. "I knew I could count on you! We'll have fun tomorrow, you'll see."
Audrey froze. Tomorrow!?

The next day, the de rigueur limo dropped them off at the prom's rented venue.

Audrey was impressed that Ryder had rented a limo. Most of the other couples seemed to have settled for arriving in taxis.

They followed the other teens inside.

The venue's entrance room had been set up for taking the prom pictures. Kimberly and Patrick couldn't seem to agree on a pose, much to everyone else's frustration.



  1. Ooh..I like the open prom venue. Did you manage to open the school (or another venue) via the rugs, or was this just set up for picture purposes? Either way, me gusta.

    I love Audrey's hair! And I also love that Audrey and Ryder match... so cute.

  2. I love your legacy, but this post would be my favorite (as well as a few others). It has inspired me to try my own hand at a prom night. :)

  3. Thanks cheezy! I'd love to see pics of your prom! :D