Wilde Legacy - Chapter 49

Audrey took advantage of the other couple's delay to ask, "So, did you hear anything from Erik? I bet his little girlfriend couldn't wait to go cry on his shoulder."
Ryder hesitated. "Right, about that... Well..."

   "Well?" Audrey insisted.
Ryder averted his eyes. "Oh, look, they're done."
For once, Kim and Pat's timing was great. Ryder could only hope Audrey dropped the subject, at least for now.

Unlike the other couple, they settled into their pose easily.

   Immediately after having their pics taken, they were ushered into the dining salon.

Audrey ignored her shrimp cocktail and just stared intently at Ryder. Ryder stared back, unsure.

Audrey looked away. Unfortunately, busybody Grace was seated on his right and, as usual, she couldn't keep her mouth shut. "Hey, Ryder, are you and your girlfriend fighting? I heard it's not uncommon for couples to-"


Ryder ignored Grace, his attention focused on his date. Was Audrey really that angry at him? Sure, he'd avoided her question, but...

Audrey turned back to him with a smile on her face. "Did you hear that? I think they're about to open up the dance floor. I can hear the band doing sound checks upstairs."
So she hadn't been ignoring him? Ryder sighed inwardly. Now he felt like an idiot.

Audrey had been right. The dance floor opened up a few minutes later.

Pretty soon, the prom was in full swing, with everyone dancing to the band's fast paced songs.

Once again, Audrey proved that she was a great dancer. Ryder could barely keep up with her moves, but as the saying goes, "fake it til you make it." If nothing else, he was a decent faker.

Ryder finally had to stop and they headed for the buffet tables for some refreshments.
Audrey was smiling. "You were right, this has been fun. At least so far."
Ryder sighed in mock dejection. "You just had to add that last bit, didn't you?"
She laughed. "Just trying to keep my pity date on his toes, that's all..."


  1. Love your prom, how did you get it out of the school?

  2. Thanks, guys!

    AliH, it's not a "real" prom. Since there's hardly any prom functionality in the game, I decided to decorate a building I downloaded and turn it into a Prom Venue for my teens.

    Ryder and Audrey actually attended the rabbithole prom together. More or less. I had Ryder invite Audrey to his house so they could go together, but Ryder ignored her and went alone. I received a message about them having their first kiss (wtf?), but when I zoomed back to Ryder's house, Audrey was still there chatting with Marina. Typical EA bugs...

  3. Haha, I love how you did prom on your own, everything looked beautiful! Oh, how I miss that camera from TS2!! It was so much easier to use than the one we have now!! Great job!

  4. Whoops. Disregard my comment from the previous chapter. I clicked on the wrong one. I agree with everyone on here though that your prom is great! Makes me wish the prom we have wasn't a RH... ah well. We make do.

  5. Giga, I didn't use any RH rugs/doors. I decorated the venue to be a party destination community lot so I can have parties, wedding receptions and my so-called "proms" there. :)

  6. It was really well done anyway, I wish EA had done proms that way instead of just in the school.

  7. I love the detail you play your game in. The prom looked like fun.

  8. *final faint* Wow. I've finally caught up all your blog (hope I didn't leave too many comments here and there, I tried to not to, but... sometimes I had to gasp out loud! ;D)
    You have an incredibly fascinating story and world, with so many aspects, and you have SOOOO many genius ideas. I'll come back with a notepad and a pen next time! ;)