Janice's Bakery

Updated: 16-10-2011

Owner: Janice Carver

This lot is peculiar in the sense that it's a residential business. Janice lives in the apartment above her bakery. I currently have three residential businesses and I have to say that, unfortunately, Janice's Bakery is the least successful. Unlike the other two, I've yet to see a customer sim come here autonomously. Janice has to resort to marketing tricks (like phoning sims and inviting them over or throwing parties) to get customers to come to her bakery.

Bakery Layout

Bakery kitchen

   As usual, I used twallan's register mod to assign Janice to the bakery's food register during business hours.

   I've placed my vanishing bistro rabbithole rug here, so Janice can own the bakery and collect the business profits. Bigger picture here.

Map view. Bigger picture here.

The second floor is Janice's apartment.

Janice's Bedroom

Janice has two daughters that no longer live with her, but she left their bedroom intact for their occasional visits/sleepovers.



Living room


Lot Architect: PenelopeT  
Interior Designer: ll


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